VMware Cloud Director 10.4.1 Theming and Branding

VMware Cloud Director 10.4.1 has an entirely new user interface where providers can create, manage and assign themes for their tenants and the provider portal.

In the past VMware Cloud Director 10.4.1 theming and branding was API based, now with this new release customisation can be done directly from the user interface (UI), which allows making VMware Cloud Director look and feel like Cloud Provider brand and company portal for customers.

Changing the look and feel of the provider and the tenant portal VMware Cloud Director 10.4.1 allows sharing of Cloud Provider branding message.

To enable this new features go to Administrator Tab, Settings, Features Flags and enable Branding API

After Branding API is enable, navigate to the Customize Portal Section (under more tab) and select Themes

By default there are two default theme (Base dark and Light).

For the creation of a new theme select Create Theme

Two options will appear Light or Dark themes. Pick one and Create Theme

In this option you can create the new theme, picking color heather, adding Logo, etc. A preview will be available at any time.

Note: Upgrading to VMware Cloud Director 10.4.1 is recommended from 9.7 to 10.4.1 versions but with stages.

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