Tanzu for VMware Cloud Director

Container Service Extension (CSE) is a key component for VMware Cloud director to provide Kubernetes as a Service. Since CSE 3.1.2 was launched new features such as “Cluster API Provider for Cloud Director” were released.

This is a quick overview about CSE – TKGm – Cluster API and Ingress Load Balancer

CSE Components
CSE User Personas

CSE Server OS:
Any OS is supported

Minimum resources for CSE Server:
2 vCPU
2GB Memory
10GB Storage

CSE Server Requires access to VMware Cloud Director 

CSE Server requires outbound internet connectivity to install required packages and container service extension

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid with CSE

TKG 1.4 Release Notes

TKG with Container Service Extension

Cluster API for VMware Cloud Director

Provision Production ready TKG Clusters on VMware Cloud Director
Multi-control Plane TKG Clusters 

Bootstrap Cluster is the first cluster which installs management Clusters in customer organization.
This one can be an existing TKG cluster in the organization. 

Second step is installing Cluster API on the bootstrap cluster 

Last configure Management cluster for self-management

TKG Load Balancer

​1x  Service Engine Group is deployed for every TKG cluster (both management and workload)

​A load balancer is automatically deployed to front-end the Kubernetes API server

VMware Cloud Director Created Service Engine Group on NSXT Advanced LB

​Allows simplified scaling for multiple Kubernetes control plane nodes.

Prerequisites for Automated Ingress Load Balancing

Cloud Provider:

​Provision NSX-T Advanced LB, enable LB in customer Organization
Provision rights bundles to allow LB Service management
Allocate External Network IP Pool

​Tenant User:

Upload SSL certificate for Secure Ingress Access
Install Contour or Nginx using helm