Container Service Extension 3.1.2

CSE 3.2.1 GA announced

Last week Container Service Extension 3.1.2 was released. In this post, I will describe the new features and compatibility matrix.
Also a quick overview for Cloud Providers.

New Features:

  • Cluster API Provider for Cloud Director that offers multi-control plane clusters and cluster upgrades using declarative, Kubernetes-style APIs.
  • Kubernetes External Cloud Provider for VCD has been updated to v1.1.0.
  • Kubernetes Container Storage Interface for VCD has been updated to v1.1.0.
  • Kubernetes Container Clusters plugin has been updated to version 3.1.2. The plugin ships with VCD 10.3.2.
  • Support for injecting proxy information into TKG clusters created by CSE. Learn more about the feature.
  • New command option to forcefully delete clusters that were not fully created and were left in unremovable state.
  • Support for VMware Tanzu packages – Harbor, FluentBit, Prometheus, Grafana in TKG clusters.


CSE – UI Plugin – VMware Cloud Director
CSE – VMware Cloud Director – NSX-T
CSE – Cloud Director – NSX-T / AVI

Tanzu Kubernetes for Cloud Providers

Which TKG flavor is the correct one?

As Service Providers are looking for multi-tenancy TKG-m is the right flavor. Please avoid using TKG-s.

CSE / TKG-m deployment steps

For more information about TKG-m deployment, please check:

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