EMEA Cloud Briefing Review

The EMEA Cloud Briefing took place last Thursday, it has been a pleasure to be part of it. If you have not been able to connect, here is a brief summary

Andy Christmas, opened the event by reviewing the agenda: After showing the new VMware Cloud Interface for HD events he thanked the participants (more than 400 Service Providers from all over EMEA) and led to Herve Basso, EMEA Director for Cloud Providers.

Herve reviewed what happened over the past year, sharing VMware’s growth in the Service Provider market. Despite the difficult situation we have faced due to the pandemic, VMware has had an excellent year.

Later, it was the turn of Service Providers who shared their experiences working with VMware and how their operations and offerings have grown.

Finally, two Breakout Sessions were held:

Breakout Session 1: Patrick Verhoeven, Eiad Al-Aqqad and I talked about the Cloud Provider Platform evolution

Breakout Session 2: The “Leveraging SaaS Service” was conducted by Ramona Pilotto, Gerrit Lehr and Jerome Klodzinski.


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