VMware Cloud Director 10.1 now available!

VMware Cloud Director™ 10.1 is now Available, with a few core updates in this release.

So, what’s new?

  • App Launchpad
  • Container Service Extension (CSE) 2.6
  • Object Storage Extension (OSE) 1.5
  • Terraform VMware Cloud Director Provider 2.7
  • Tenant App 2.4
  • NSX-T Migration Tool
  • NSX-T Enhancements
  • Encryption as a service


  • NSX-T migration tool script is part of Cloud Director, as NSX-T features are getting parity with NSX-V
  • Network downtime is minimized using bridged networks during migration.
  • vSphere Encryption from VMware Cloud Director. Encryption requires certificate keys that require a key management server (KMS) and Cloud Providers can choose from partners such as Fortanix or Dell Cloudlink.
  • New monitoring and metering capability with closer integration with NSX data collection, more network metrics and sizing profile-based metering.
  • K8 Kubernetes Clusters or PKS Kubernetes Clusters for VMware Cloud Director.
  • App Launchpad is a free component for VMware Cloud Director

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