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Gabi Nunes

Cloud Providers Briefing – Agenda

If you are a Service Provider looking to grow your business, please join the EMEA Briefing next Thursday 21 at 3:00 PM CET. I will be presenting the “Cloud Provider Platform Evolution” breakout session with my colleagues Eiad AL-Aqqad and Patrick Verhoeven. Also, Owen Rogers from 451 Research as a […]

EMEA Cloud Briefing for Cloud Providers

Im glad to be part of a new Cloud Briefing for cloud Providers on Thursday 21, January 2021. We’ll explain the latest VMware technologies and innovations that empower your own offerings, enabling you to provide flexibility and choice to your customers and yourselves. We’re delighted to welcome Owen Rogers from […]

VMware Cloud Availability 4.1

VMware Cloud Availability brings a number of key improvements . NSX-T integration Increased options for geographic coverage and public API coverage is improved with guides and examples of more capabilities and now exposed to the customer Email notification Improved Controls with eMail notification to tenants, controllable by providers as well […]

CloudFlix Webinar series

CloudFlix Webinar series enable you to capture business opportunities in a Multi-Cloud World. During these webinars, you will gain information and context to better understand the rapidly evolving Cloud Services market and how VMware can help you be successful in delivering compelling new services to your end customers.   December 1st […]

VMware Cloud Foundation – Storage Options

Customer had decisions to make when considering storage options for running their VFC environment. VCF offers flexible storage connectivity options for workloads demands to gather the following uses cases assisting customers in their Software define platform transition We can break this down into two diferent options, principal and supplemental storage, […]