VMware Cloud Director 10.3.1 GA

VMware Cloud Director brings some new features to Core, Networking and Tanzu.


Clod Director appliance backup and restore, new API.


Migrating to NSX-T now supports certificate authentication for IPsec VPN.

DHCP Relay.

DHCP Binding

L2VPN in the user interface.

Container Services Extension

API Token

Consistent and simpler deployments across all environments 

Reduced configuration drifts and improved server recovery times

Users with vCD 10.3.1 and CSE 3.1.1 can deploy fully supported and secure VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Clusters by importing the TKG OVA on the vCD UI.
CSE 3.1.1 automatically creates vCD AVI based load balancer to secure Layer 4 traffic.

CSE also has a major enhancement on the storage front, K8s services can be created using the Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver to dynamically allocate vCD named independent disk-based Persistent Volumes (PVs) that enforces the tenant’s storage limits.

More info: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Cloud-Director/index.html