VMworld 2020: VMware Cloud Director Announcements

VMworld 2020 was amazing, for the first time worldwide and online. There were several announcements for Service Providers, but today I want to focus on VMware Cloud Director 10.2

VMware Cloud Director 10.2 brings new improvements regarding Networking, Storage, enhanced support for modern application, manage across all clouds, etc.

Enhanced NSX-T Integration

Support for L4-7 distributed firewalling (L7 limited to static membership) and enhanced networking features such as VRF lite

UI enhancements to provide cross VDC networking stretching networks across multiple VDCs, which allows common distributed firewall policies over hybrid environments

Tenant networks from on-premises to the cloud provider will be able to be connected by layer 2 VPN, no matter if the on-premises NSX version is NSX-V or NSX-T

*NSX Advanced Load Balancer (AviNetworks Load Balancer) will be replacing NSX-T native Load Balancer in NSX-DC Base Edition

New Containers as a Service withTanzu

vCD has made Kubernetes a first-class entity with the newContainer Service Extension 3.0

Partners will be able to create Provider Virtual Data Centers using native vSphere with K8 and layer solutions on top,

EnhancedApp as a Service Capabilities

VMware Cloud DirectorApp Launchpad 2.0 allows customers to create instances of applications without managing the underlying infrastructure. App Launchpad is a plug-in for vCD that enables a user interface to easily access and launch apps from vCD content catalogues

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