VMware Cloud Foundation – Storage Options

Customer had decisions to make when considering storage options for running their VFC environment.

VCF offers flexible storage connectivity options for workloads demands to gather the following uses cases assisting customers in their Software define platform transition

We can break this down into two diferent options, principal and supplemental storage, as we already know the management domain requires vSAN to automate its deployment without any other storage to be provisioned.

The principal Storage is used to create workloads demands and its available in every host in the workload domain.

Suplemental Storage in the one added manually by an administrators without SDDC manager automation. Its useful for Data Protection and also for migratin when moving applications from traditional three tier environment to vSAN.

vSAN, NFS and VMFS on FC are the three Storage options available when deploying a Workload domain.

Before starting the VCF deployment please be sure to check you count with vSAN Ready Nodes


vSAN ReadyNodeTM is a validated server configuration in a tested, certified hardware form factor for vSAN deployment, jointly recommended by the server OEM and VMware. vSAN ReadyNodeTM are ideal as hyper-converged building blocks for larger data center environments looking for automation and a need to customize hardware and software configurations

And also, check the VMware Compatibility Guide:

VCF 4.0 Starting Simple: Consolidated Design Deployment

I was asked several times about VCF and how to start easily, and that’s is possible deploying a Consolidated Design Architecture.

In a VCF Consolidated Design Architecture Compute workloads co-reside in the management workload domain, so only four hosts are needed.

VCF is deployed via Cloud Builder when finished SDDC Manager is ready, and you will find the Management Domain (4 Host running vSphere 7, vSAN 7 and NSX-T 3.0)

As you can see, it’s straightforward, and you can also deploy vSphere with Kubernetes on the Management Domain, no need to build a separate Workload Domain to run it.